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7 Amazing Facts About TYS2L, Sisters, Inc.


1. The “Original Take Your Sister 2 Lunch” was founded in 1972 when Ruth Day-Anderson, my mother, who knew the importance of sisterhood before it was coined Take Your Sister 2 Lunch. She would prepare lunch for me, Doris Cherry-Jenkins, Cynthia Jenkins-Anderson and Bertha Flood, my co-workers at the NYC Department of Social Services. It became very apparent that these lunch gatherings at my mother’s home provided more than just lunch. It provided an outlet for us to praise God, discuss the Importance of sisterhood, laugh, share our stories, seek help in the form of advice and guidance, and have a quiet and private place to cry.

2. February 24, 2015 we received a Letter of Commendation from President Barack Obama for our community work.

3. Out of all of the hundreds of thousands of letters mailed in our country and from around the world to The White House, on May 4, 2015, we received a phone call from The White House Scheduling Office advising that our invitation to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama about our “Festival of Prayer, Knowledge, Performing Arts, August 2015 event was being reviewed.

4. FUSED (Finance, United, Science, Education and Determination) Take Your Sister 2 Lunch Signature Doll was a vision from God given to Shawun, my daughter, Chief Officer of Operations. Our Doll will be placed on the market for sale by October 2015. Each year a portion of FUSED Signature Dolls will be donated to girls and women who are terminally ill.

5. TYS2L Inspirational Journal has received its copyright. Our journal contains inspirational quotes from the Executives of Take Your Sister 2 Lunch.

6. God speaks to us through His word, and our dreams. We were blessed because he used me, my daughter and my sister to carry out His vision.

7. Janiya Cameron is our youngest member. She became a member in 2009. At our first meeting I asked if anyone wanted to speak. Janiya said, “I want to say something auntie” she was only 12. She began working as an Event Coordinator, and was promoted to Jr. Executive in 2014. August 2015 she began her college studies at Long Island University.

By Dianna Anderson and Shawun Anderson

God Is Truly Amazing!

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