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The real-life stories of six courageous African-American women of different ages, backgrounds, and experiences, trusting in God’s strength and love. Each story is told to share their experiences, and to encourage and strengthen others. As current executives of Take Your Sister 2 Lunch—a 5013c nonprofit organization based in New York City, the ladies were upon creating the title of their book from the inspirational song, “Blessed Assurance,” a popular spiritual hymn.


Under the guidance and tutelage of the CEO, Dr. Dianna Anderson, the ladies graciously came together to tell their personal stories in the hopes of providing wisdom, encouragement, strength, and self-love to women all over the world. It was God’s love, mercy, and existence in each of their lives. So now, by a common thread through their own personal stories, which were destined to be told and shared, created an even stronger bond between them. There’s healing in telling your story—for you and others! Speak up, speak out…speak!

"This is My Story" Personal Stories of 5 Women Walking In God's Excellence

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